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U-Pitch New Technology Showcase

Welcome to U-Pitch New Technology Showcase! The event will feature 10-minute presentations of cutting-edge, innovative, transformative technology and services, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers by audience members. We will have an open discussion at the end of the event. Attend and bring your tough questions and real-world experience.

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14:30 Introductions and Overview Susan Nash, Ph.D.
Presentations (15 minutes each Moderator: Susan Nash)
14:45 Intelligent Hydraulic Fracturing Real Time Operation Center (Frac-RTOC) Hamed Soroush, Ph.D. PetroLern LLC
15:00 Fiber optic-based distributed sensor technologies for diagnostic and monitoring applications in upstream and transportation operations in the oil and gas industry Darío Kunik Sur Soluciones Tecnológicas
15:15 Predictive subsurface structure and lithology between wells Robert Gibson NOPEC Geophysical
15:30 Fracture characterization Orlando J. Teran, Ph.D. FracRx
15:45 Carbon Management: Securing the Sustainability of Oil and Gas in the Energy Transition Nigel Jenvey GE BakerHughes - Argentina
16:00 Optimizing Completions with SmartPAD - The Real-time and Remote Completions Operating System Brett Chell Cold Bore Technology
16:15 Advanced seismic inversion methods Raul Colmenares; Adriana Moreno INFO Geosciences
16:30 Autonomous units for automatic monitoring of wells produced by mechanical pumping Francisco Remersaro EXEMYS
16:45 MicroFrac Testing in Unconventional Reservoirs Jose Victor Contreras GE BakerHughes
17:00 Realtime 3D pipeline integrity imaging & leak self-healing for gathering systems and pipelines Michael D. Nash, Ph.D. Nautilus Technologies
Shale Petroleum Prospectivity Determination Tool Albert Maende, Ph.D Wildcat Technologies
17:15 Fiber Optics Carlos Moreno Lumina
Oil and Gas Data Standards Philip Neri Energistics
17:30 Closing Remarks Committee Members