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Joseba A. Murillas Joseba Murillas "Petroleum geoscientists have contributed greatly to human progress, finding and developing reliable and affordable energy for decades. Our latest challenge is to expand our impact to the sustainability part of the equation. AAPG ICE 2023 will address both the old and new challenges, as well as the opportunity that they represent for the future of the Oil Industry professionals." General Chair Exploration and BD Executive Director, Repsol, Repsol
Max Henri Brouwers Max Brouwers "Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy is the foundation of modern economy. How geoscience underpins this bedrock of our society will be the key theme at ICE 2023" General Co-Chair Chief Business Development Officer, Getech
Maria Josefa  Herrero Maria Josefa Herrero "The energy transition means a big breakthrough in Geosciences. Innovation and technology will lead a rapid change in thinking, science skills and the origin of creative new ideas. If you are willing to take on the challenge … come to ICE Madrid!" Student and YP Chair Professor, UCM
Irene  Garcia Saiz Irene Garcia Saiz "ICE 2023 congress brings the opportunity for the global subsurface geoscientist community to meet and explore together new paths to solve the energy transition challenge. One of the most relevant yearly opportunities to connect industry, service companies, developers, academia partners and students, carried out in a wonderful environment in the heart of the city." YP Chair Sr. Exploration Geoscientist, Geothermal Projects, Repsol
David Ramos David Ramos Energy Transition Chair Geological Low Carbon Solutions Director, Repsol
José  Joaquin Martin José Joaquin Martin "We are pleased to welcome you to Madrid, where the AAPG/ICE conference will be held in 2023. Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, we hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful city and have an enriching experience at the conference." Country Sessions Co-Chair Global Basins and Unconventionals Exploration Manager, Repsol
Andrew Christie Andrew Christie Country Sessions Co-Chair Head of E&P Business Development, Repsol
Carlo Sanders Carlo Sanders "My curiosity is to see the impact of the traditional G&G disciplines in the energy transition, and which shift in technical focus we are observing." Core Geosciences Co-Chair Senior Manager Exploration Quality and Resources, Repsol
Gabor  Tari Gabor Tari "We all claim to stand on the shoulders of giants… but even getting up there requires some energy. Please join us in Madrid on the journey to keep finding geoenergy in the subsurface." Core Geosciences Co-Chair Group Chief Geologist, OMV UPSTREAM
Jorge  Navarro Comet Jorge Navarro Comet "An excellent opportunity to learn about the role of geosciences for the energy transition in the welcoming and cheerful city of Madrid." Field Trips Co-Chairs President, AGGEP
Gonzalo  Zamora Valcarce Gonzalo Zamora Valcarce "Our world is full of energy but is requesting a change in the way we benefit from it. We, as geoscientists, have the commitment to explore and produce it responsible, and at AAPG ICE 2023 we have the opportunity to start writing the future." Field Trips Co-Chairs Structural Geology Manager, Repsol Exploración
Victor H. Vega Victor Vega "ICE is an important opportunity to network with our colleagues in the industry and to share thoughts about balance between upstream activities and energy sustainability and transition." Sponsorship Chair Vice President Exploration, Development and Reserves, Frontera Energy