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exhibition hours

Exhibition Hours

Tuesday 27 August Icebreaker
18:00 – 20:00
Wednesday 28 August 09:00 - 18:30
Thursday 29 August 09:00 - 18:30
Friday 30 August 09:00 - 13:00


Move-In Times

Sunday 25 August
Exhibitors 36m² and larger ONLY
12:00 - 20:00
Monday 26 August
ALL Exhibitors
07:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 27 August
ALL Exhibitors
(All stands set up by 16:00)
07:00 - 16:00

move out times

Move-Out Times

Friday 30 August 13:00 - 20:00
Saturday 31 August 08:00 - 15:00

tamra campbell

Tamra Campbell
Tamra Campbell Administrative Coordinator +1 918 560 9434

kendra mccolloch

Kendra McColloch Meeting Planner +1 918 560 2689

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Hilton Buenos Aires

Welcome to the AAPG ICE 2019 Exhibitor Manual

Please take a few moments go through all tabs below and familiarize yourself as this manual is designed to help both new and experienced exhibitors navigate through the details and event information. There are required forms that ALL exhibitors and their respective contractors (where applicable) must complete to guarantee access to the exhibit hall for build-up in a timely manner. Please also note the country specific insurance certificates on the Rules and Regulations Tab.

Thank you for your support of AAPG ICE – we are looking forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires!

Should you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact: or

exhibitor manual tabs

  • Deadlines
  • Rules and Regulations
  • For Your Booth
  • Shipping Materials and Handling
  • Brand Builders


Lead Retrieval - Early Bird Rate
On-Site Contact & EAC Information Mandatory
EAC Indemnification & Insurance Certificate Mandatory
Fascia Text & Carpet/Floor Covering - Early Bird Pricing
Stand Furniture & Branding Graphics - Early Bird Pricing
Dimensions Chart
Power and Lighting - Early Bird Pricing
Floral/Plants - Early Bird Pricing
Order Audio Visual Service - Early Bird Pricing
Stand Cleaning & Waste Removal - Early Bird Pricing
Rigging Requests & Information - Early Bird Pricing
Program Book Listing Mandatory
Advertising – Program Book Reservations Due
Stand Rendering & Height Information Mandatory
Lead Retrieval - Pre-Show Rate
Advertising – Materials Due
Food and Beverage Catering
Download Menu and order by email
Electrical Service
Internet Service
Sea Freight & International Truck Freight Shipping Deadline
Fascia Text & Carpet/Floor Covering
Stand Furniture & Branding Graphics
Dimensions Chart
Power and Lighting
Order Audio Visual Service
Stand Cleaning & Waste Removal
Rigging Requsts & Information
AAPG Social Media Deadline - Week of August 19 (Before the Event)
Brand Builders Graphics Due
AAPG Moble App Content Submission Deadline
AAPG Social Media Deadline - Week of 26 August (During the Event)
AAPG Social Media Deadline - Week of 2 September (After the Event)

Rules & Regulations

Please note the important information below which will highlight several key components that each exhibitor MUST adhere to when exhibiting at ICE.

Display & Height Information

AAPG follows the IAEE Display Rules & Regulations - please make note of these when designing/planning.

  • All activities must be confined to your assigned space.
  • Unfinished portions of pop-up displays must be covered. Pop-up framework, raw wood or cardboard wings must be painted or appropriately covered if visible from another booth.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to paint and/or make carpentry jobs inside the Hotel.
  • No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, pins, adhesive, or other devices of any description likely to deface or damage walls, floors, hard wall/MIS panels, furniture, or other furnishings shall be used on surfaces in the Hilton unless otherwise approved in writing from ICE Show Management.
  • Hotel’s carpet must be protected at all times while loading and unloading.
  • Exhibitors agree to be responsible for any damage caused by their display or personnel to the Hilton. All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be done only through designated loading docks, freight doors, and freight elevators. The main lobbies, escalators and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose. Exhibitors should verify show security arrangements and times for move-in and move-out to avoid problems with unattended equipment and materials.
  • ICE Show Management reserves the right to restrict or remove exhibits and/or exhibitors, which in its sole judgment, because of noise, inappropriately attired personnel, or any other reason, are or become objectionable or, which in its sole judgment, may detract from the character of the Convention. Neither AAPG, SEG or Show Management, if other than AAPG or SEG, or any employee, agent, officer, director, or representative thereof, shall have any liability, whether to any exhibitor or otherwise, as a result of such restriction or removal.

Height Information

The height maximum for booths at ICE is:

  • Inline Stands (8 feet | 2.4 meters)
  • Peninsula Stands (8 feet | 2.4 meters)
  • Perimeter Stands (12 feet | 3.6 meters)
  • Island Stands (20 feet | 6.0 meters)

Any variance from these guidelines must be included with your Stand Rendering and Height Information Form and is subject to approval. Deadline for height variance requests and booth drawing submissions is 25 July 2019.

Stand Rendering and Height Information Form

Photography & Sound

  • Photographing and video recording of other exhibitors’ displays is strictly prohibited.
  • All exhibitors must obtain Show Management’s written approval to have any photographers or video recording arranged at their booth.
  • Sound equipment may be used in your booth so long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned so as to direct sound into the booth rather than into the aisle. Sound and noise should not exceed 85 decibels. You should be aware that music played in your booth, whether live or recorded, may be subject to laws governing the use of copyrighted compositions. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are three authorized licensing organizations that collect copyright fees on behalf of composers and publishers of music.

Exhibitor Behavior and Performance

Exhibitor Behavior

• All efforts to advertise, demonstrate and operate an exhibition must be conducted so as to not trespass on the rights of other exhibitors. No exhibit will be permitted to interfere with the use of other exhibits or impede access to them or the free use of the aisles. AAPG ICE Show Management reserves the right to limit and/or restrict operations which, for any reason, might be considered objectionable, without any liability for refund and/or damage fees.

Fire and Safety Information

  • Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the halls during build up or break down.
  • No animals or pets are permitted in the facility except as required for use as a guide/assistance dog.
  • Fire Safety
    • Flowers and foliage (artificial), paper, cardboard or compressed paperboard, plastic materials, split wood, textiles and any other material used for festive decorations are prohibited.
    • Wallpaper is permissible if pasted securely to walls or wallboard backing
    • The use of the following materials indoors shall be prohibited: acetate fabrics, corrugated paper, combustible material used for covering tables or for skirting tables.
    • Unless otherwise approved, flammable or combustible and/or compressed gases shall not be used or displayed. Where approved for display cylinders containing compressed gases shall be protected against mechanical damage and shall be stored on racks or by other accepted devices designed to hold them securely in place.

Parking and Motor Vehicle Information

  • Parking
    • Parking is located at the hotel and is AR$400 per day.
    • The Parking is managed by an external company (not the Hilton)
    • Valet Parking is also available
  • Motor Vehicles
    • Any intention to have a motor vehicle inside an exhibit stand must be made known to ICE Show Management no later than 15 July 2019.
    • All petrol-fueled motor vehicles or other petrol engine equipment fitted with a fuel tank, including boats, plant or machinery, must comply with the following:
        The fuel tanks of motor vehicles manufactured prior to 1984 must contain only sufficient fuel to move the vehicle in and out of the hall, due to the absence of safety features which prevents leakage.
      • Fuel tanks of motor vehicles manufactured after 1984 may contain fuel
      • Fuel tanks on all other petrol engine equipment MUST REMAIN EMPTY
      • The fuel tank must be sealed and wherever possible, with a lockable cap
      • Vehicles may require a drip tray and must be positioned with the boundaries of the stand so that any protrusions, doors, tail lifts etc. do not infringe the stand perimeter.
      • The running of engines during the open period of an exhibition is strictly prohibited.
      • For vehicles required to operate as part of a moving demonstration, “pit” positions must be clearly defined and agreed with the venue. Suitable fire extinguishers must be provided.
      • Filling or emptying of fuel tanks inside the hall is strictly prohibited.

Insurance and Indemnification Information

Insurance Requirements – ALL EXHIBITORS

All exhibitors are required to submit a certificate of insurance to AAPG per the Exhibitor Agreement, Item #22. Exhibitors are required to have insurance coverage to cover all contingencies, including but not limited to fire, theft, property damage (especially in transit), business interruption, liabilities and worker’s compensation. Please submit your certificate of insurance to ASAP to avoid any delay in moving in and setting up your stand.

  • Each exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of exhibitor’s activities inside the Hilton Buenos Aires and will indemnify, defend and hold harmless ICE Show Management, Hilton Buenos Aires, their agents, and employees from any and all losses, damages and claims.
  • Neither ICE Show Management nor the Hilton Buenos Aires maintain insurance covering the exhibitor’s property or loss revenue and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain such insurance.

Buenos Aires has ADDITIONAL insurance requirements for exhibitors as noted below:

  • Civil Liability (RC): Required of ALL exhibitors to cover any accident that may occur to a visitor (attendee) who does not belong to the exhibitor while visiting their stand.
  • Work Accident Insurance (SAT): Required of exhibitors who have hired an EAC (Contractor) to build their stand to cover ALL people hired to work at the stand during assembly and tear down or during operation of the event. This in reference to individuals not employed by the exhibiting company. This also ensures and helps to prevent the illegal recruitment of personnel to work on stands at exhibitions.

The two insurance types above can be purchased by AAPG’s General Contractor, BA Uniline online.

Order Online

The ONLY certificate required by AAPG in advance is the Exhibitor insurance as per the Agreement. Any Buenos Aires insurance certificates (RC or SAT) can be submitted to BA Uniline.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact or .

For Your Booth/Stand

Stand Packages

Per the Exhibitor Contract you completed, please note below items included with each Stand Package:

Floor Space Only

Space only provided. Exhibitor is responsible for all electrical, internet, floor coverings and stand construction.

Please send your booth rendering no later than 25 July 2019 to .

Basic Package

1m (w) x 2.4 (h) white shell scheme panels with aluminum frames and fascia board with company name.

The exhibition is inside a carpeted ballroom so no additional carpet orders are required however options are available. A 15 Amp Plug Point with a shared ¼ 30 Amp Single Phase Distribution Board and two, 150 Watt Spotlights per 9m².

Basic Package + Furnishings

1m (w) x 2.4 (h) white shell scheme panels with aluminum frames and fascia board with company name.

The exhibition is inside a carpeted ballroom so no additional carpet orders are required however options are available. A 15 Amp Plug Point with a shared ¼ 30 Amp Single Phase Distribution Board and two, 150 Watt Spotlights per 9m⊃. Also includes one glass café table with two Libby White Chairs and one small waste bin.

Official Stand Contractor


Uniline Exhibitions S.A. is the official ICE General Contractor and can provide all furniture, special packages for customized stands/booths, as well as other accessories. Make sure to order all of your furniture or accessory needs via the Uniline ICE 2019 Exhibitor Manual link.

Uniline ICE 2019 Exhibitor Manual

Note that orders received AFTER 19 July 2019 will result in 20% increase in all prices.
Any orders received after 13 August will result in an additional 30% increase.

ICE Show Management will arrange for all waste/trash during build-up to be removed at 14:30 on Tuesday, 27 August.

All daily cleaning, trash removal and sweeping of individual stands is at the Exhibitor’s expense and can be arranged through the Uniline ICE 2019 Exhibitor Manual link

Hilton Buenos Aires

Food and Beverage/Electrical/Internet


Catering/Food & Beverage for exhibit stands must be ordered direct through Hilton Buenos Aires. The Stand Catering Menu is available as a PDF.

Deadline to Order: 1 August 2019 – Contact Maria Alzugaray at

Stand Catering Menu

Electrical Service

Electrical is included with all inline stands. Island stands or inline stands requiring additional electrical will need to order direct through Hilton Buenos Aires.

Deadline to Order: 1 August 2019 – Contact Maria Alzugaray at

Internet Service

Internet is exclusive through Hilton Buenos Aires during the event.

Deadline to Order: 1 August 2019 – Contact Maria Alzugaray at

Shipping/Materials & Handling

World Wide Shipping Instructions

Rogers Worldwide has been appointed by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) as the official international freight forwarder, customs brokers and on-site drayage contractor. In conjunction with our local partner Hobbit, we will provide door-to-door logistics services. A list of our overseas agents is attached. All USA exhibitors are recommended to contact the Rogers Worldwide office in Las Vegas for consolidated shipping services from shipping points to customs cleared to your booth.

This Shipping Manual will assist you in your preparation for the correct and timely dispatch of exhibits to Buenos Aires for the AAPG International Conference & Exhibition 2019. We advise you to read the shipping guidelines carefully.

Failure to comply with the following instructions will cause unnecessary delays in clearance and may lead to additional expenses.

Please see the Shipping Guidelines and Shipping and Handling Forms Below

Shipping Guidelines

Temporary Inovice

Permanent Invoice


Exhibitors are requested to direct all correspondence concerning the exhibition to:

Rogers Worldwide
Sherri Pelc - LCB
7345 S Durango Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: 702 272 1596

Hobbit Worldwide Logistics S.A.
Diego H. Sita - VP / Director
Alsina 1290 5 B
(1088) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (5411) 4382-8182
Fax: (5411) 4382-8191

Loading Docks/Service Elevators

The loading docks are open 07:00 – 22:00 daily and located on Av. Juana Manso 751 Every contractor/EAC will receive a visitor’s pass to access hotel’s premises. You must have this pass to be allowed during move in/move out.

All contractors/EACs are required to use service areas (back of house), and service elevators. Please DO NOT use public elevators or escalators to carry materials in and out of the hotel.

The docks offer three downloading spaces with the following sizes:

Height: 3.20 meters (10.5 feet)
Width: 4.40 meters (14.44 feet)
Length: 8 meters/2 spaces (26.25 feet)
Length: 15 meters/1 space (49.21 feet)
*Loading/Unloading material will NOT be permitted unless the above conditions are met.

Maximum Size and Weight for Service Elevators:

4 Service Elevators

1800 kgs (3,968 lbs)
Door 1.20 x 2.10 meters
(3.94 x 6.89 feet)
Cabin 1.5 x 2.40 x 3.00
(4.92 x 7.87 x9.84)

1 Service Elevator

2500 kgs (5,512 lbs)
Door 1.40 x 2.10 meters
(4.59 x 6.89 feet)
Cabin 2.7 x 4.50 x 2.30
(8.86 x 14.76 x 7.55)

1 Vehicle Elevator

(access from Parking Lot)

Door 2.20 x 2.10 meters
(7.22 x 6.89 feet)
Cabin 2.7 x 4.50 x 2.30
(8.86 x 14.76 x 7.55)

Parking lot access has a maximum height of 2m

Brand Builders

Let us help you design the perfect package to enhance your company's experience at ICE with a variety of promotional opportunities. These options will expose attendees to your company and promote your presence.

For more information or to customize an advertising package contact the ICE Sales Team

Companies A-K Contact - Mike Taylor

Companies L-Z Contact - Tracy Thompson

Order Online

Available Brand Builder Opportunities

Signage Branding

5 Available locations:

  • Foyer Sur
  • Fouyer Pacifico Central
  • Foyer Atlantico
  • Foyer Buen Ayre
  • Foyer Hilton Meetings

Elevator Branding

The elevators at the Hotel Buenos Aires can be seen from the lobby and from the corridor of all seven levels of guestrooms.

Four Elevators Available

Escalator Branding

Escalators from ground/lobby floor where registration occurs, down to subfloor where Exhibition and Technical Sessions are held, as well as up to second floor where Buen Ayre is located and where Additional Technical Sessions and Opening Plenary will be held.

AAPG Mobile App

Push attendees to your stand during ICE - with a Mobile App Push.

3 App Pushes available per day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

AAPG Social Media

Get your message sent through one of AAPG's social media outlets either before, during or after the ICE event!

Includes posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Order Online