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Gina Godfrey
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AAPG ICE International Pavilion

Looking to explore…plan now to step into the world of exploration opportunities by visiting the AAPG International Pavilion (IP).

The IP provides an opportunity to bring together countries with proven and potential oil and gas resources and opportunities with oil and gas companies looking to explore and produce them.

The IP at ICE enables attendees, investors, and explorers to review global opportunities, learn about the latest discoveries and bid round offerings, and to network directly with representatives from the countries who know the geology and opportunities in detail. Attendees can expect to come away with heightened insight into current and future global activity and the inside track on where the best opportunities can be found.

In addition to the traditional exhibition of countries the IP will be hosting a dedicated IP Theatre within the IP area on the ICE Exhibition floor. The IP Theatre will commence on Wednesday morning at 10:15.

IP theatre schedule table

IP Theatre Schedule

10:15 ENVOI Exploration Opportunities
10:30 South Africa (Petroleum Agency) Available Acreage and Current Activity
10:45 Namibia (NAMCOR) Exploration Opportunities
11:00 Namibia (Ministry Mines and Energy) Exploration Opportunities
15:30 Peru (PERUPETRO) Available Acreage and Current Activity
15:45 Uruguay (ANCAP) Available Acreage and Current Activity

Argentina – Special IP Theatre Event

Presentations from Five Producing Provinces, along with the Secretariat of Government of Energy of the Nation providing an Overview of the Wealth of Opportunities that are Current and on the Horizon. Refreshments will be served.
10:15 Barbados (Ministry of Energy and Water) Licensing Round
10:30 Dominican Republic (Ministry Energy and Mines) Licensing Round
10:45 Morocco (ONHYM) Exploration Opportunities
15:30 Colombia (ANH) Exploration Opportunities
15:45 Philippines (DOE) Exploration Opportunities

Greenland – Special IP Theatre Event

Presentations by the Government of Greenland providing an in-depth look at Exploration Opportunities and Future Licensing Rounds. Refreshments will be served.