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Visa Information

If you are not a citizen of Argentina and you plan to attend ICE 2019, please determine whether or not you need a visa to enter the country, and if you need one, that you obtain the correct visa needed to enter the country.

Visitors of most nationalities can enter Argentina for up to 90 days without a visa. Citizens from MERCOSUR member countries need only their national ID to enter the country. Note that Argentina no longer charges reciprocity fees to US, Canada or Australian citizens.

To find out whether you need a visa and how to apply, we recommend that you check with the Argentine Embassy or Consulate in your home country. You also can visit the Republic of Argentina Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, (

Obtaining a Visa

If you are required to obtain a visa for entry into the Argentina, it is your responsibility to apply for a passport, visa, or any other required documents and to demonstrate to consular officials that you are properly classifiable as a visitor under Argentine law. ICE Show Management cannot assist you with the interview process, nor can anyone representing the sponsoring organization call an embassy or consular on your behalf to provide support for granting a visa. Should your application be denied, Show Management cannot intervene in the process nor change the decision of the governmental agency.

You may request a visa letter by selecting the box either online or on the printed registration form. Invitation letters will be sent to those that are registered and fully paid.

All expenses involved with attending the conference are the responsibility of the attending party. If your visa application is denied and AAPG receives a copy of the denial by email or fax +1 918 560 2684 before 31 August 2019 your registration fee will be refunded, less a $75 processing fee.

Because AAPG does not have an office in Argentina, AAPG cannot provide the letter of invitation visa applicants. Individuals needing a letter of invitation may use the visa processing service detailed below.

Visa Processing Service

If you are required to obtain a visa to enter Argentina and you are coming to present a paper or attend a technical conference, immigration authorities require you to obtain a business visa.

To issue a business visa, the government of Argentina requires a notarized letter of invitation issued by a company with a special registry in Argentina. BaUnline, AAPG’s representative in Argentina, is a registered company and can provide the notarized letter to applicants.

If requested, BaUnline will issue the invitation, take it to the notary in Argentina to have it stamped and send the letter via courier to the Argentine consulate in the applicant’s home country. Because the process involves time, processing and international postage, BaUniline charges US $250 for the service. The fee is paid by the applicant.

To request the visa processing service, please contact Florencia Coletto ().

Tourist Visas

The Argentine Migration Office enforces the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for citizens of countries that require a tourist visa in the Argentine Republic. The eTA form can be completed online with no letter required.

The eTA covers tourists who currently hold valid visas B2 visa issued by the United States of America or a category C visas issued by one of the States of the European Union. Not that the eTA covers individuals entering Argentina for tourism, not for business purposes (which includes attending technical conferences.) For a list of countries covered by eTA, please visit (